What the flush?

“We’re not in Kohler anymore Toto”

D. Petriello

Come take a seat and experience the auto-warming seats, the complex bank of adjustable bidet sprays, the anti-bacterial “pre-mist” self-cleaning feature, the euphemistic pictograms: what could be more Japanese?

Apologies in advance as I never thought I would write about a topic like this, but Japan’s sophisticated toilets are so foreign to me. The Toto Washlets, are simply brilliant. 

My first experience with this amazing technology was when we landed at Narita Airport after a 14 hour flight from Newark.  I never thought I would find “heaven in an airport” but the family bathroom I walked into with Mila was exactly that.  The bathroom was so clean and had a place to store your infant/toddler so mom can use the bathroom too. That’s right mamas…no more lapping it with your little ones.

The Toto Washlets have many advanced functions rarely seen outside of Asia, like a bidet function for a rear rinse and an air purifying system which deodorizes after each use.  Yes, it cleans your bottom rather nicely. There is even an air dryer and night light. My favorite is the heated seat function. What gal doesn’t love a heated seat in the middle of the night after the insanely cold walk on the bathroom tile.  

In addition to standard functionality other Toto Washlets have a music button and you have options of white noise, soothing ocean waves, etc. No more lifting germy toilet lids and no more “hey honey you left the seat up.” because you can walk by the toilet and it will automatically lift the lid up for you and it closes itself when you are done, and yes, my productivity just went up by another 10%! All of these functions are customizable and controlled by electronic buttons on a panel next to your seat.

I’m telling you, the Japanese are at the cutting edge of toilet innovation.  All you have to do to is take a seat, relax, and enjoy the experience. I mean seriously! It’s basically the Bentley’s of toilets. Who knew a girl could have a dream toilet?

So is America behind on the pursuit of toilet happiness given its one feature functionality of flushing? Either way I hope one day…in our forever home we have Toto Washlets because what is life without my Toto.

Interesting fact: Neorest is the latest and most expensive Toto Washlet in Japan and has all the standard features and includes a “bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light,” a “titanium dioxide-fired toilet bowl,” a remote control, a toilet seat that automatically opens and closes and an air deodorizer.

What kind of fancy washrooms have you come across ?

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  1. jpokhan1014 says:

    Simply put…. WOW! This sounds like the ultimate experience and one I hope to experience in the near future (when we visit). Serious consideration for when we re do our bathroom- only set back will be the fight with hubby to use the bathroom or how to keep him out of the bathroom.

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